Professor Pervozvanski, Anatoly Arkad'evich, tragically died on September 4, 1999...

Anatoly A. Pervozvanski was born in Leningrad, USSR, on April 23, 1932. He received the degree of Mechanical Engineer in 1954 and the degree of Candidate in Technical Sciences in 1957, from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute both and Doctor of Technical Sciences degree in Automatic Control in 1962 from Moscow Institute of Control Problems.

Dr. Pervozvanski is the author of Random Processes in Nonlinear Control Systems (Acad. Pr., 1965), Theory of Suboptimal Decisions (Kluwer P.H., 1988) and seven other books published in Russian, among them the fundamental Course of Automatic Control Theory (Nauka, 1986).

Professor Pervozvanski was awarded the Andronov Prize of Soviet Academy of Sciences for his results in the theory of control, decomposition and aggregation of large-scale systems. He was Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Control Processes of Department of Mechanics and Control Processes of State Technical University of St.Petersburg, Russia.

Dr. Pervozvanski was well-known scholar in mechanics, automatic control and financial mathematics, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, the Winner of the Prize of the USSR Academy of Science, member of the International Academy of Technological Cybernetics, American Mathematical Society, the Promoter in Science and Engineering of Russian Federation.