Prof. Dr. Alexander V. NEBYLOV


A.Nebylov was born in Leningrad in 1947. He has graduated from the faculty of Computer and Radioelectronic Systems of the Leningrad Institute of Aircraft Instrumentation in 1971, average grade points 5.0 of 5.0. In 1974 he got candidate scientific degree (PhD) and in 1985 - doctor of science degree in information processing and control systems and professor title. Since 1986, he has been a full professor in Computer and Radioelectronic Systems Department and Aviation Instruments Department at Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation. Since 1998 he has also been Director of International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies of this University ( .

The sphere of his interests is :
Motion Control Theory, Control Systems, Integrated Systems, Aerospace Electronics.

His recent scientific achievements are devoted to optimization of control systems at a priori uncertainty, ensuring control accuracy, theory of digital systems with some continuous-time units, integrated navigation systems, motion control of Wing-in-Ground vehicles, HTHL aerospace planes.

He is an author of 12 books (5 monographs and 7 textbooks), more than 200 scientific papers, 28 inventions. A.Nebylov is an actual member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and a member of Presidium of the International Academy of Navigation and Motion Control. He is a vice-chairman of the United Council of Marine Craft and Special Vehicles Motion Control, a member of editorial boards of 3 periodicals, Russian representative in IFAC Aerospace TC, NOC Chair of 16th IFAC Symposium on Automatic Control in Aerospace (

Selected Recent publications:

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