D.V. Efimov, Robust and adaptive control of nonlinear oscillatons (In Russian). SPb.: Nauka, 2005. - 314p. ISBN 5-02-025093-7.
Theoratical frameworks and applied approaches for analysis and synthesis of robust and adaptive control systems of nonlinear oscillations are presented. The possible high dimension and complex nonlinearity of mathematical models of oscillating plants are taken into stability for analisys and synthesis of nonlinear control systems of oscillations. The book contains some original results like intagral input-to state stability with respect to set; development of Control Lyapunov functions approach for problem of stabilization with respect to the output; development of backstepping and analytical construction of aggregated controllers methods for problem of robust stabilization of a set; adaptive stabilization of a set via speed gradient approach; adaptive tuning to bifurcation problem statement and solution; dynamical adaptive synchronization approach. Applicability of obtained solutions are demonstrated basing on computer simulation of different pendulum systems.
The book will be useful for researchers, engineers, university lecturer and postgraduate students specializing in the fields of applied mathematics and engineering, such as automatic control, mechanics and robotics.